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The Rural Action Centre - Central Bedeque is located at 106 Linkletter Avenue.  This Rural Action Centre is comprised of eight partnerships to assist with business and community development.

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Navigating Social Media in 2018 for Your Non-Profit

Social media can be the best thing to happen to your non-profit enterprise, or the worst.

on Wednesday, February 21, 2018 at 12noon

at the Rural Action Centre, 106 Linkletter Ave., Central Bedeque

Storm Date: February 28


Social media can be the best thing to happen to your non-profit enterprise, or the worst. Particularly in the age of constant, sometimes aggressive feedback, any non-profit in the social media space had better have a plan, a personality and a presence beyond just tweeting out their latest events.


Social Media can drive your organization to broaden your impact, increase your fundraising and allow your constituents to see the character behind the organization.


Done correctly it can give colour and shape to the public’s knowledge of your activities. Done poorly, it can be a lonely voice calling out in the wilderness; done very poorly it can hasten the end of your future.


Facilitator: Kent Bruyneel, Executive Director of Central Development Corporation, has been making websites and media for over 20 years and holds a Master of Publishing from Simon Fraser University, where his thesis focused on the nexus between print and digital platforms in the social media age.


To Register:  Contact Christine with RAC-CB by February 20, 12noon:

Tel: 902-887-3400 or Toll Free: 1-855-297-9898 ext2

Email: cwarren@centralpei.ca 

Bring your own lunch and join us for this FREE one hour session.

Tea & Coffee will be provided.

Toll Free: 1.855.297.9898